What are the requirements for a church to have a Kingdom Business Leaders program?

Kingdom Business Leaders is committed to operating under the authority of the local church and with the blessing of the church’s senior pastor and leadership.

Our program was created by business leaders for business leaders and is most successful when it is overseen by a mature Christian businessperson. This person can be a former businessperson who now serves on the church staff or a non-staff church member, but he or she must have a strong business background and be willing to commit up to 20 hours per month to oversee the program.

At this time, we ask that any applying churches average at least 3,000 attendees in their weekend services.

How can I apply to bring the Kingdom Business Leaders program to my church?

If you are interested in bringing the Kingdom Business Leaders program to your church, please forward this link to your church leadership.

Can we start the Kingdom Business Leaders program immediately at our church?

There currently is a waiting list to start the KBL program.

Is there a cost to the church for the Kingdom Business Leaders program?

There is a cost to the church based on size of church and what level of service they choose.

How long does it take to implement the KBL program?

It typically takes about six months from launch of the program to start groups, which is the main thrust of the program.

How will the church know how to implement the KBL program?

Once the church has been approved, it will have access to an online Kingdom Business Leaders Handbook, as well as support from the KBL staff.

Is there a cost to the members of the church to be in the Kingdom Business Leaders program?

There is not a charge for a church member to become a member of Kingdom Business Leaders. There is a charge to be a member of a KBL group. There is a charge to be in a KBL group for several reasons:

  1. As every business owner knows, they apply more focus and energy wherever they have “skin in the game.”
  2. We have seen group attendance improve when we started charging business owners to be in a group.
  3. Matthew 6:21 states: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” We want the business owner’s heart to be in a place where he or she is committed to learning and applying biblical principles in his or her business, as well as building relationships with likeminded peers.    
  4. We allow churches to give scholarship assistance, but do not allow full scholarships for the above reasons.

Who can be a member of Kingdom Business Leaders at my church?

Our heart is to serve Christian business leaders and to help them implement best practices in their businesses and become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Candidates for the program are business owners and corporate leaders.

A business owner is defined as someone who owns a majority interest in the business they lead and is operating in that role full time.

A corporate leader is defined as someone who is a President, C-Level Executive of a private or public corporation that has more than 100 employees, or a Vice President that oversees at least 50 employees.

Our program is not currently intended for:

  • Non-profit leaders.
  • First-time start-up companies less than a year old.
  • Direct sales agents.
  • Network marketers.
  • Manufacturing sales representatives.
  • Realtors or financial advisors working for franchise organizations.

Can people who do not go to my church apply to be a member of Kingdom Business Leaders at my church?

We leave this up to the discretion of the individual church.

What does a typical business group look like?

Please go to Our Pillars page to find out about Kingdom Business Leaders business groups.

How often do business groups meet?

Kingdom Business Leaders business groups meet 10 times each semester. The first semester typically begins in January and ends in May. The second semester typically begins in July and ends in November. The groups meet for two hours twice a month.

Does Kingdom Business Leaders use a curriculum for groups?

Kingdom Business Leaders uses a custom biblically based curriculum for the groups. Some of the topics include: The Building Blocks of Sales, Faith at Work, The Ultimate Customer Experience, The Theology of Work, Key Performance Indicators, and others.

How long is the KBL groups curriculum?

The group curriculum is available for three years of groups.

Who can apply to facilitate a KBL business group?

There are two levels of membership. A business owner or corporate leader can apply to be a member of Kingdom Business Leaders and, upon acceptance, can attend events, trainings, and have access resources. A business owner can apply to become a group member or group facilitator.

If someone is not a business owner, does KBL have corporate groups?

We do not have corporate groups, but our corporate leader members are welcome to attend our events, trainings, and access our resources.

Is Kingdom Business Leaders available to leaders of non-profits?

Kingdom Business Leaders is not intended for non-profit leaders at this time.

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