Empower Your Business Leaders!

Business leaders spend over 55% of their waking lives in the workplace. For Christian business leaders, their workplace is their ministry, but many times, they don’t recognize that. For some, giving their business to God or even praying about business decisions is not a consideration. They are focused on the secular side of work. Because of this, some of the most gifted and influential members in your congregation are also some of the least engaged. Kingdom Business Leaders is a biblically-based program designed to help business leaders in your church grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. It disciples them to grow in their walk with the Lord by helping them become better leaders in their companies.

Imagine the impact they could have if your church provided a ministry to serve and equip them to do business God’s way. Imagine the increase in participation and excitement these individuals would bring if they were being equipped and encouraged in their God given callings.

Bring Kingdom Business Leaders To Your Church

Kingdom Business Leaders was launched by one of America's largest churches, Gateway Church of Southlake TX, to help churches support and empower the business leaders they serve. Our Kingdom Business Leader curriculum and software are the result of several thousand hours of thoughtful planning and strategizing to ensure that the content, software and entire group experience will be easy to implement and highly impactful in the lives and businesses of group members.  We have consulted with business and church leaders that are experts in their fields in order to curate relevant, biblical and practical content that can be easily applied.

The result is a highly effective comprehensive program that is not available anywhere else that is designed to engage your business leaders and expose them to biblical truths that will change the way they think, conduct their business and engage with the church.


Pastor Robert Morris and Steve Dulin of Gateway Church on the impact of Kingdom Business Leaders.


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How the Program Benefits Your Church

By starting a Kingdom Business Leaders program at your church, you will be empowered to:

  1. Demonstrate to your business leaders that you value them and want to add value to them
  2. Support and disciple business leaders in their callings
  3. Teach business leaders what the Bible says about business
  4. Measurably increase business leader’s discipleship and success in the business world
  5. Increase business leaders’ involvement and investment in the church

Here’s what I can tell you: this program works. Our business leaders are constantly telling me how grateful they are to be valued and supported by the church in their calling to the business world. Today, our church has the strongest relationship with the business community we’ve ever had, and it’s because of Kingdom Business Leaders.

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– Pastor Robert Morris

Become a Kingdom Business Leaders Partner Church

These are the first steps to expanding the kingdom by discipling your business leaders to fulfill God’s destiny for their lives.

Promote the Program

Upon approval, you can build excitement for the program through hosting an informational meeting with business leaders, advertising within the church, and hosting a launch event to officially invite eligible business leaders to apply for membership.

Build Your Business Leader Membership

You will be authorized to use online custom software, which manages the program.

Once a business leader applies to be a member, the software will guide you through the process of vetting the applicant and determining whether to accept, deny, or defer the applicant’s membership.

Hold Events and Training

We recommend hosting events for all Kingdom Business Leader participants 2-4 times per year. These events are typically held during breakfast or lunch and feature a keynote guest speaker, Q&A, and group discussion.

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You can also provide training for your members through classes, webinars, seminars, conferences, and “tool days,” which can be accessed by video or livestream.

Launch Groups

A business owner member can apply to be placed in a group through the online software. The software will guide you through the process of creating a dynamic group of business leaders with a shared location, business size, gender, and leadership experience.

Once you create groups, we provide you with resources to train your group facilitators and group members on what they can expect from the program. We also supply participation, confidentiality, and liability forms for members to sign. Group members read the curriculum online or listen to MP3's of the lessons and meet for two hours twice a month for discussion of the lesson, assignments, Q&A, and prayer.

Measure Discipleship and Foster Growth

Discipleship is at the heart of Kingdom Business Leaders, so we created a system to measure discipleship progress. Before beginning a group, each member takes an online 100-question discipleship assessment. They can receive scores from 100-1000. At the end of the year, they take the same assessment again.

We can score the assessment by each question, each section, or the entire assessment. If a person scores 362 on the entire assessment at the beginning of the program and 528 after one year in a group, you can be confident that you have moved the person forward in his or her walk with God.


Before applying for Kingdom Business Leaders
Please ensure you meet the following criteria:
  1. Your church has the structure to support a comprehensive, yet rewarding work. 
  2. You represent the leadership of a local church. Kingdom Business Leaders is committed to operating under the authority of the local church and with the blessing of the church’s senior pastor and leadership.
  3. Your church is able to support the program with business-savvy leadership. Our program was created by business leaders for business leaders and is most successful when it is overseen by a mature Christian businessperson. This person can be a former businessperson who now serves on the church staff or a non-staff church member. However, he or she must have a strong business background and be willing to commit up to 20 hours per month to oversee the program. (If you need help identifying a businessperson at your church to oversee the program, please contact us.)


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