Dear Church Leader,

When I started Gateway Church in 2000, my heart was to disciple business leaders and help them with their businesses. I saw that most churches had groups for women, children, widows, and the poor, but very few churches had a comprehensive program for people in the marketplace. I realized businesspeople are some of the least taken-care-of people in the church and I wanted to change that.

Since I founded the church, it has grown to over 30,000 weekend attendees at six campuses. The vision of creating a ministry for business leaders remained close to my heart. In 2013, I asked Steve Dulin, one of our founding elders and a highly successful businessman, to start a ministry to help our business leaders in their spiritual and professional growth. He agreed and it quickly grew into one of the most successful ministries at our church, with over 750 participants.

Here’s what I can tell you: this program works. Our business leaders are constantly telling me how grateful they are to be valued and supported by the church in their calling to the business world – sometimes for the first time in their lives. Because they are learning and applying what the Bible says about business, they consistently report that they have become more successful and increased their influence in the marketplace.

Best of all, we’ve been able to reach and disciple business leaders in a very personal, practical way. Their hearts have been turned toward God, their families, and the church. Consequently, I’ve seen them make great strides forward in their Christian walk.

Not only has it benefited our business leaders, but it has benefitted our church in tremendous ways. We’ve experienced a dramatic increase not only in our business leaders’ participation in the church, but also in their giving. As these men and women mature in their faith, they are stepping up and taking a greater leadership role in the church. Today, our church has the strongest relationship with the business community we’ve ever had, and it’s all because of Kingdom Business Leaders.

Kingdom Business Leaders is a proven way to invest in your business leaders and help them fulfill God’s unique calling on their lives. I pray every church in America will consider starting this ministry at their church as a powerful way to disciple your business leaders, strengthen the church, and build the kingdom of God.

God bless,

Pastor Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor of Gateway Church

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