The Ultimate Consumer Experience

Summary: It seems like common sense, but if a customer does not have a good experience with your company, they will find another company to meet their needs.  If you want to keep customers, do you know what they need to experience so that you will keep them?  The Ultimate Customer Experience (UCE) occurs when a customer is served in such a way that his or her needs are met in an intentional, professional, and excellent way that exceeds their expectations.  Every organization needs a clear and actionable story of the ultimate customer experience that everyone in the organization can buy into.  The activities of the organization should ultimately be focused on making this story come true every day for every customer, both internal and external.

Outcomes: At our first meeting, we talked about God’s vision for your company and asked you to write a vision statement. This time, we want you to create a measurable, decision guiding document that details how you are going to serve the most important person your company relates to: your customer.  This document will help you articulate to others how you are going to carry out your vision.

Scriptural Basis:  Mark 10:45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.

All Scriptures are from the New King James version of the Bible unless noted otherwise

Author:  Eric Beck and Steve Dulin


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