The following questions illustrate the impact of stories, particularly stories that involve you.

  1. Over the past five years, who most positively influenced your outlook as a businessperson?
  2. What are two illustrative stories you know about this person? Stories that you might tell a good friend about this person,
  3. Which parts of your business reflect this person’s influence on you?

Since Jesus is our model, it stands to reason that if He primarily used stories to draw in, train, motivate and get buy-in from His disciples (team) and other people, perhaps we should utilize stories as well.

Significant stories that we are actually in or can imagine ourselves being in, tend to have even more impact on us.  For example, have you ever “seen yourself” in a Bible story?  In the story of the paralytic who was lowered through the roof by his friends to get to Jesus (Luke 5), have you ever thought, “If I had been there, this is the part I would have played in the story?”  Perhaps in the story of the paralytic, you were one of the friends who opened the roof, the Pharisees in the house, the ones who were astonished, or even the paralytic himself.  In the same way, people can see how they fit into the story of your company, including customers, employees, contractors, vendors and investors.  Your job is to create a significant story they can see themselves fitting into.