Building Your Ultimate Customer Experience Story

Let’s face it.  The most important person you deal with is your customer.  If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.  And all your competitors want your customer to be theircustomer.  The way to keep and grow your customer base is to serve your customers in such a way that they want to be your customer.  An Ultimate Customer Experience story is a 3-5 page document that shows how you are going to serve your customer and how others can “fit” into the story.  This is an opportunity for the founder or chief executive to put his/her vision for the company into a tangible, narrative form that others can adopt and buy into.  It also gives your team the opportunity to gain a strong sense of participation and ownership.

While vision statements are typically meaningful to the writer, they often do not provide enough information to affect the daily decision-making of the individuals within an organization.  While statements like, “We will be the best construction company in the tri-county area,” or “to be the preeminent technology sales company in the country” can give direction to an organization, they often fail to follow the most powerful, proven way to motivate and drive action over time: A story that others can enter into.