Creating the Story

To help you get started on your Ultimate Customer Experience, we have an exercise for you to do.  We would like you to create a profile of your perfect customer.  Write down as many details as possible.  You may want to ask God to show you what your perfect customer is like.  We have found that one of the best ways to visualize your perfect customer is to ask questions.  We have given you some sample questions to get you started.

  1. Where do they live?
  2. What is their average age?
  3. What is their income level?
  4. What problem are they most concerned about solving with the use of your product or service?
  5. Why do they buy your product or service?
  6. What is their position or title?
  7. What is their purchase pattern?
  8. Do they view your product or service as a commodity?
  9. What part of your product or service is most important to them and why?
  10. What are their values and behaviors?  Are they honest?  Do they pay on time, etc.?

Take the profile(s) you just created or refined and begin your story in chronological order.  Start at prospecting and tell a story of the ultimate way for this person to first hear about your business…in detail.  Write about how it should happen, feel, and progress. 

Next, take them to their first action step - a phone call, your website, or a walk-in.  What is it like when it is an Ultimate Customer Experience?  What happened?  What was the interaction with your company like?  What made him/her buy from you?  How did your team perform?  What were the results from the customer’s point of view?  How did he/she feel?  What would motivate him/her to refer your company to someone else?  Write it down.  Keep going until you have told the story of a fully satisfied, long-term customer.

Now think about what must happen at your company to ensure this “ultimate experience” happens all the time.  Write it down as a story, and not just a story about what you ALREADY do.  That is a brochure. This story should stretch both you and your business. It should contain items that are “The Ultimate” and difficult to achieve. You may even write some items that are not entirely practical at this time. That’s OK.  Remember, this is your vision in narrative form, and vision unfolds!  Creating the story of your vision begins a quest for this “Ultimate Customer Experience” that will help you and your team thrive, focus, and bring your business closer to its full potential.