Our Vision

To be a global ministry that accelerates the success and influence of Christian business leaders through the local church.

We want to see every business leader fulfill God’s highest calling on their life and impact the business world for the kingdom of God. We accomplish this by raising up Godly men and women who will follow biblical principles for success in life and become disciples of Jesus Christ. As these leaders develop their wisdom, leadership ability, and skill, they will disciple the next generation of business leaders.



Our Mission

To build God’s kingdom by training Christian business leaders to effectively apply biblical principles and best practices to their lives and businesses. As they grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, they will be empowered to fulfill God’s unique calling on their lives and in the marketplace.

To fulfill our mission we offer events, groups, training programs, and resources, equipping business leaders to have a strong relationship with God and build healthy families and businesses. As they connect with like-minded people, business leaders will receive encouragement and support on their personal and professional journeys.

We are focused on helping business leaders integrate into the church and use their unique talents to minister to others and build the Kingdom of God. Through the timeless truth of God’s Word, and the business principles found throughout Scripture, men and women will be equipped and empowered to achieve their God-given destinies.

Our Story


The Genesis of Kingdom Business Leaders

Senior Pastor Robert Morris founded Gateway Church on Easter Sunday in 2000 with a vision to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving. Since then, Gateway Church has grown to over 30,000 weekend attendees at nine campuses. Through the years, Pastor Robert’s heart for people has not changed. Part of that original vision was to minister to business leaders. In 2013, the elders asked Steve Dulin, a founding elder of Gateway and a highly successful businessman for over 30 years, to build a ministry focused exclusively on serving business leaders and helping them apply biblical principles to their lives and businesses. 

Gateway Business Leaders Begins

Over two years, Gateway Business Leaders grew to over 750 members, working with leaders ranging from solo entrepreneurs to company owners with 15,000 employees. To serve these leaders, the Gateway Business Leaders team built a four-pillar program, featuring events, business owner groups, training, and resources. They worked with some of the top business minds in the nation to write a biblically-based, highly relevant and impactful curriculum focused on helping business leaders grow closer to God and take their businesses to the next level. The program, run through custom and innovative online software, allowed them to administer and track results, including how effectively members were being discipled. This resulted in the most comprehensive and effective church-based program in the world for discipling business leaders.

Kingdom Business Leaders is Launched

Today, the ministry, now named Kingdom Business Leaders, is expanding. Participating churches are using the program’s three-year curriculum, online software, and resources to disciple business leaders and build the kingdom of God. KBL has proven to be a powerful way to change lives and help churches impact the business world as they equip Christian business leaders to reach their God-given destinies.

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Our Leadership
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Steve Dulin
Executive Director
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Chad Everett
Associate Executive Director
Marcos Perez
Director of Product Development
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Graham Baugh
Partner Church Coordinator
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Nancy Fitzgerald
Executive Assistant