About Us

Kingdom Business Leaders Network was created to equip your church to disciple business leaders.

Our Vision

To be a global ministry that accelerates the success and influence of Christian business leaders through the local church.

Our Mission

We equip churches with tools and resources to disciple business leaders to effectively apply biblical principles and best practices to their lives and businesses.

Integrity | Relationship | Results | Fun | Excellence | Discipleship

A note from the Executive Director

Before starting the Kingdom Business Leaders Network (KBLN) at Gateway Church, I founded and owned a very successful construction company for over 20 years. In the early years of my company, I studied every verse in the Bible that related to business multiple times. I then applied these biblical principles to my company. This led to supernatural profits and success that could not have been achieved without following God’s word. KBLN was created to equip your church to disciple business leaders using the same biblical principles. Since we implemented Kingdom Business Leaders, the involvement of business owners and leaders in our church and their investment in our church has increased dramatically. Other churches that have implemented the KBLN program have seen similar results. This is what we want for your church!

Steve Dulin
Executive Director

Our Leadership

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